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Can you be fined for DUIs or breath test refusals?

Driving drunk is something that the majority of people know you shouldn't do. Sometimes, though, inhibitions lower, and people believe that driving home isn't that big of a deal. You might only be a few blocks away from home, but in that short distance, there is a chance of being stopped for a DUI.

A DUI has an impact on you in a number of ways. The cost of a DUI in New York starts at around $300 depending on the particular charge, and they can range up to thousands of dollars. There are additional penalties and costs that add up, too. You may end up with higher insurance costs, expenses from being unable to work and could even lose your job.

Is there a financial penalty for refusing to take a chemical test?

Yes. A first-time refusal costs $500. This penalty is $550 for commercial drivers. If you had a previous DWI-related charge or refusal, the penalty will be $750.

The first time you refuse a chemical test based on the zero-tolerance law, you'll have to pay $300 as a civil penalty and $100 for a re-application fee. Failing to take the chemical test for a zero-tolerance related offense a second or subsequent time costs $750 with a civil penalty, and there is an additional $100 re-application fee for when you want to file to have your license reinstated.

As you can see, the fines for refusing a breath test or getting a DUI can add up. Your attorney will help you fight back and reduce or eliminate any penalties you face.

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