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Helmets are always important to keep motorcyclists safe

Anyone who rides a motorcycle in New York, whether they are a passenger or the driver, must wear a helmet. This universal law is troubling to some adult motorcyclists who claim that they should be able to forego the helmet if they want; however, you can't deny the safety benefits that this single piece of gear brings.

Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in a crash than people in other vehicles. The riders don't have any protections against things hitting them. When they wear a helmet that is DOT approved, not only is the head protected, but the neck is also. The shock absorption properties of the helmet reduce the force that the head and neck have to handle if the motorcyclist has an accident that throws them off the bike.

In 2012, Michigan repealed the law that required all motorcyclists to wear a helmet. The new law went into effect in April of that year. Once that happened, only 74% of people on motorcycles who crashed were wearing helmets. Before the new law, the figure was closer to 98%. The state would have seen a 21% reduction in motorcycle fatality deaths if everyone on motorcycles wore a helmet.

Hopefully, you don't leave home without your helmet because the risks of riding without one are too significant. If you a vehicle slams into you while you are out on your motorcycle, you should get a medical evaluation even if you don't think you are injured and had on your helmet. This can provide valuable information if you choose to seek compensation for the injuries and damages that you have due to the crash.

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