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Swift medical care is beneficial after a motorcycle crash

Motorcycle crashes can cause significant injuries and fatalities to the biker. One of the best things that a motorcyclist can do is wear a helmet. This helps to protect the brain if there is a crash. Wearing a helmet is 67% effective for preventing a severe brain injury and 29% effective in preventing a fatal head injury.

The safety that comes with wearing a helmet when you ride is essential, and it is the reason for many universal helmet laws. Motorcycle helmets are subject to safety standards set by the Department of Transportation. You can check your helmet to see if it has the approval of that agency by looking for a sticker in the helmet. Also, remember to replace your helmet immediately if you have a crash. You should also change it at least every five years.

More than 80% of motorcycle crashes lead to death or injury of the motorcyclist. Many of these are preventable if other drivers would only watch where they are going. Some tend to think that they have more rights to the road than the motorcyclist, but all motorists have the exact same rights.

A motorcyclist who is in a crash likely needs urgent medical care. The speed of response has a direct impact on the outcome of the injury. Emergency medical technicians can provide some medical care and support on the way to the hospital, so calling them to the scene is a good idea.

The cost of care for these cases is often exorbitant. Victims can turn to a personal injury lawsuit to try to recover some of the expenses. This can include those for medical care, lost wages or life care need.

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