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Tailgaters can be aggressive or ignorant

You usually think of tailgaters as aggressive drivers. They're trying to push you to go faster, or they're getting so close in order to pass that they're risking an accident. They may even be tailgating because they're mad at you for something they think you did wrong -- whether you made any real driving mistakes or not.

These tailgaters absolutely do exist, and they cause a lot of accidents. Tailgating is often one of the only aggressive acts that an angry driver can think of to convey how they feel or what they want you to do. They know it's dangerous, but they react emotionally in the heat of the moment.

But it's important to note that not all tailgaters operate this way. In some cases, they are simply ignorant of the danger. They don't know that being so close to you is dangerous. No one ever taught them, or they forgot, and it just does not dawn on them that they're not leaving enough of a gap. In fact, if they did end up causing an accident when you had to stop suddenly, they may blame you and say it was your fault.

After all, you're supposed to leave two or three seconds between cars. People often leave just one or two, thinking that it looks like plenty, and nothing bad happens if there isn't an emergency stop. As soon as something unexpected occurs, though, they cause a crash.

If you get injured by either type of tailgater, make sure you know how to seek out financial compensation for your injuries and medical costs.

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