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What do you need to do after a serious crash?

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day. You've probably seen one or been in one yourself. If so, you know how quickly your life can change.

Whether it's a dangerous driver or someone calling a friend on their phone, a moment's inattention can lead to a serious collision. The driver might hit you from behind, slam into you from the side or even hit you head-on.

What do you do after being involved in a serious crash?

The steps you take next will first depend on your health following the collision. The first thing to do is to call 911 and have the emergency team come to the scene. You may have broken bones, bruises or other injuries that require care, and there is no sense in delaying that call for help.

Next, if you're able to move around, you should check on all parties involved in this crash. While the other driver may be at fault, this isn't the time to focus on blaming them. Instead, render aid when possible, and wait for the emergency team to arrive. If you can give more information about the people involved in the crash to the 911 operator, then they will be able to send the right number of EMTs and the right gear to your location.

After everyone is medically stable, the next step is to document the crash. You may take photos, exchange information with the other driver and get witnesses' names and information. With this, you can provide your attorney with the basics to get in touch with those who know the most about the crash, so they can help with the case.

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