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Crash on Long Island Expressway results in at least 3 injuries

Crashes involving pedestrians and those on the sides of the road shouldn't happen, but they do. Many times, it's a result of a distracted driver not moving over into a lane further from a disabled or parked vehicle that leads to a crash.

For this reason, many states, including New York, have "move over" laws. New York's "move over" law requires motorists to exercise caution when approaching emergency or hazard vehicles when they're present and parked on the side of the road, like when an officer pulls over a person for a traffic stop.

When people don't listen to laws like this, police officers and others can get hurt. Take, for example, this situation that happened in Long Island. On the Long Island Expressway near Exit 52, a Suffolk police cruiser was involved in a crash with two other parties. It was reported that the Highway Patrol officer was inside his vehicle while conducting a traffic stop when another vehicle hit his from behind. The officer's cruiser then went on to hit the vehicle that had been pulled over for the stop.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in this crash, though the driver that struck the police cruiser did have to be airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital for treatment. The officer and at least one other party involved in the collision were also taken to the hospital separately.

If you see flashing lights, it's always best to move to the lane furthest from them. Allow emergency vehicles to pass and give the authorities space to work. If you're pulled over and end up in a collision because of a distracted driver, be aware that you may be in a position to seek compensation.

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