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Slip-and-fall accidents on snow and ice are often preventable

Even though most people might not want to think about the snowy months that are coming, the reality is that they are right around the corner. Businesses need to start getting plans in place for dealing with this type of precipitation. Without having a plan in place, customers can suffer injuries due to slip-and-fall accidents.

It isn't up to the customers to ensure they are safe when they visit a business. The duty of the company starts in the parking lot. Even though they can't remove all the snow and ice from the lot, they should take steps to increase the safety in this area. This might mean salting and having the outdoor spaces plowed.

At the entrance to the business, care is also necessary. Sidewalks must be as clear as possible, and the entryways must have measures that help to keep the area dry. Many businesses accomplish this through the use of mats, fans and similar methods. They may also put out wet floor signs that can warn customers about the possibility of a slip hazard.

If there are steps at the location, it is imperative that there are handrails in place for individuals to grasp when they are walking, so they don't slip. These must be secured properly and be able to handle the weight of adults.

Lighting is another option that can help to keep customers from having accidents in the parking lot. This should be bright and illuminate the entire area where customers are likely going to venture.

If you are a customer who is injured in a slip-and-fall on ice or snow at a business, you may suffer serious injuries. Seeking compensation for these from the company might be beneficial.

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