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Teen dies when young driver flips car onto train tracks

A teenage girl tragically lost her life when the 17-year-old driver of her car crashed their Porsche and then flipped it onto a set of train tracks.

The girl who died was just 15 years old. The driver was her cousin. They were driving down Route 204 when they crashed into another car -- the investigation is ongoing, so there is no word yet on why the two cars crashed -- and then fell down onto the tracks for the NJ Transit system. The Porsche burst into flames after the fall.

A 17-year-old boy was also killed in the accident. It appears that he and the driver went to school together at Pearl River High School. The younger girl went to Edward R. Murrow High School, which is located in Brooklyn.

While the investigation is still going on, the authorities do not think either of the drivers had been using drugs or alcohol prior to the crash.

One important point to note is that the area where they flipped off of the road has a reputation for being very dangerous. Reports indicate that people who live in the area call it "dead man's curve." This is not the first time that they have seen a serious crash near or at that location.

Losing a child in a car accident is something no parent should ever have to endure, but it unfortunately happens constantly in the United States. When parents are dealing with the emotional side of that loss, they may want to look into their legal rights to seek compensation and at least alleviate the financial stress.

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