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Unusual medical condition leads to man's body producing alcohol

In most cases, someone who is accused of driving under the influence will take several tests. Based on those tests, a police officer can determine if they are too intoxicated to drive. If they are over the limit or obviously impaired, they can be arrested and taken to the station.

What happens, though, if a person is producing their own alcohol? This natural occurrence is extremely rare, but it is what happened in a case of a man who was diagnosed with auto-brewery syndrome. This syndrome is also known as gut fermentation syndrome, a rare kind of medical condition that affects the way that carbohydrates are converted in the body.

To put it plainly, people who have the syndrome can become intoxicated by eating carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are fermented in the gut and turned into alcohol. Patients who suffer from this condition do appear intoxicated (and are intoxicated). Patients may end up with DWI arrests as a result.

In this situation, the man believes that he developed the syndrome after taking antibiotics for an injury in 2011. After taking the antibiotics, he said he had bouts of depression and was uncharacteristically aggressive. Finally, he was diagnosed and placed on an anti-fungal therapy program.

Unusual cases like this can happen, and medical conditions of other forms can make you appear intoxicated, too. If you have a medical concern that may have led to your DWI arrest, it's important to speak with your attorney about how you can best defend yourself against the charges. With help, you may be able to have the case dropped or have penalties reduced.

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