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Will some people always be bad drivers?

When you talk about bad drivers and how they can improve, people often point to things like practice and a greater understanding of what not to do on the road. Young drivers cause accidents, for instance, because of their lack of experience. As they get experience, they can become good drivers.

But does this always work? It's clear that many adults are poor drivers, as well. Is it possible that some people are inherently bad at this skill and will always be that way?

Some experts believe that is definitely an issue. They point to issues like:

  • Traumatic events in a person's past, such as a prior accident
  • A naturally low IQ
  • Slow reaction times, even when not driving
  • Mental conditions that lead to distraction or lack of attention
  • Poor judgment skills
  • General disorientation or mental confusion

You cannot fix all of these issues. Someone with a low IQ may honestly try to drive as well as they can, but they're just going to get confused and overlook things that other drivers would notice. Someone with slow reaction times may focus fully on the road and still not be able to avoid a crash because they simply can't react fast enough. It's just part of who they are. They also have slow reaction times in other areas of life -- when playing sports, for instance -- but they do not usually have such dire ramifications.

The truth is that you have to share the road with all of these drivers. That puts you at risk. If you get injured in an accident, make sure you know what steps to take.

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