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Winter motorcycle riding requires safety planning

Just because the weather is colder doesn't mean that all motorcyclists are going to stop riding. Some enjoy riding when the temperature drops and they can see the wintry sights. If you plan to ride this winter, make safety a top priority.

One of the most important things during this season is to ensure that you have on proper gear. Even if the ambient temperature doesn't seem that cold, you will still need some extra layers because of the risk of frostbite. The temperature you experience when your ride is lower than the ambient one because of the windchill.

Make sure that you have riding gloves to keep your fingers protected. This is one of the first areas of the body that can become frostbitten, and it is close to impossible to handle the motorcycle properly if you can't feel your fingers or move them properly.

While you ride, you should pay close attention to the road conditions. Black ice is a particularly dangerous hazard for motorcyclists. You also must be careful if there is salt on the ground because you can slide as the crystals shift. Snowplows and other large vehicles can also cause cracks in the pavement, which is another hazard to watch for.

Some drivers might not watch for motorcycles as the weather gets colder, so you have to make sure that you are fully visible. Be sure to leave extra time and distance to stop and for other vehicles to stop.

Unfortunately, there is a chance that you will be struck by a vehicle during your winter ride. If this happens, get medical care for your injuries and then explore the possibility of seeking compensation. This is an attempt to hold the driver who struck you accountable for the financial aspects of the wreck.

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