How serious are ladder falls?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | personal injury

Many New York residents use ladders in daily life. They are a valuable tool that can help you fix a window or set up holiday decorations. But the more people there are using ladders, the more ladder injuries there are. Are you using your ladder in a safe way? How dangerous are ladder falls, anyway? 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a prevention plan for ladder falls. This is because falling off of ladders can kill. In fact, ladders are one of the riskiest everyday piece of work equipment. When proper care is not taken, employees can fall from a distance of two or more stories in a blink. The impact has the potential to be deadly. Damage to the spine and neck is also a big risk. 

Many ladder accidents are avoidable. If the employee had proper safety training, they could have exercised more caution. If they understood the true risks of ladder usage, they may have made different decisions. Frequent equipment checks for defects could lessen the possibility of equipment failure. 

Unfortunately, there are many jobs that do not cover ladder safety well. There are many individuals who use ladders at home without understanding how to use them. One wrong move could send the whole ladder toppling over. One misstep could send a victim crashing to the ground. Even in non-lethal cases, they may still suffer from paralysis or head injury. Even broken bones are a pain to heal from. This is the type of damage that can impact or even alter a victim’s quality of life.