School breaks may lead to more dog bites

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | personal injury

With warm weather and breaks from school, children are often excited for the chance to play outside again. As a parent, you have your share of concerns when it comes to your child’s safety. After all, their safety is number one priority. What about when it comes to dog bites? While most know the danger of strange dogs, there is a connection between children and bites. 

According to the CDC, children are at the highest risk when it comes to dog bites. Often, this is because children may not know how to pick up on aggressive signs from dogs or may be too trusting when it comes to dog handling. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, there are more dog bites reported every year when kids are out of school. The best solution may be in education. A program coordinator for animal care and control explains that the office is getting less dog bite calls per year after they began to educate those in areas where a lot of dog bites occur. The standard in dog bite calls per year is 2000, but since the education began, it has been less than that. 

It can help to speak to children in schools about dog bites. Each grade level may need a different approach to education, but it can help. Children can learn how to handle animals in public spaces. Sometimes, dog bites are preventable. For instance, education encourages people not to approach stray dogs, to not grab dogs by their collars and to walk slowly and calmly. When people scream or run it can complicate the issue and escalate the situation.