Do you know how to stay safe around heavy construction equipment?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | personal injury

While an undoubtedly necessary industry, construction has plenty of hazards for workers to familiarize themselves with. If you work with or around heavy equipment, do you know what to do to stay safe? 

Even if you have received thorough equipment training, a refresher course is always a good idea. See what Travelers, an insurance company, suggests for remaining safe while working around massive pieces of construction machinery. 

Use spotters  

Because of their noise and size, construction equipment does not make it easy for operators to see and hear in their immediate vicinity. Working with spotters takes some of the hassle off the machine operator. Spotters use hand signals to help operators, other construction workers, pedestrians and drivers stay safe. Construction spotters should always wear a regulation visibility vest and hard hat. 

Employ safe work practices  

Construction sites require the implementation of effective and current safety practices regarding heavy equipment. For instance, anyone who operates machinery should have the proper certification, training and experience. At night, increased visibility is a must, and all equipment used needs to be properly maintained and in excellent condition. All heavy equipment requires rollover protection structures, and site managers should create path site plans for heavy vehicles. 

Train ground workers 

Even if they do not operate heavy equipment, ground workers need to know how to stay safe while around such equipment. That means that in addition to high-visibility clothing, ground workers also need to make themselves aware of where they position themselves on the site so they do not linger in a blind spot. Ground workers riding on equipment should only sit in approved seats, all while strapped in with a proper seatbelt. 

Following every safety precaution is no guarantee against a workplace injury. Construction workers harmed on the clock should consult with a legal professional to explore their rights and legal options.