Will I face a license suspension for a drug conviction?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2020 | Firm News

License suspensions are often tools used by the criminal and family courts to punish individuals for things not related to driving. One example of this is a license suspension for failing to pay child support. In some states, you also lose your license if a court convicts you of a drug crime. 

According to Forbes, New York is not one of those states who will suspend your license if you have a drug charge. It used to do this, but the law changed. 

Prior law

New York did at one time have a law that suspended your license for a drug conviction. This law made it so that you lost your license for at least six months. It did not matter what your specific crime was. It did not have to have to be associated with traffic crimes or driving. Of the people who lost their license under this law, 90% did not have anything to do with driving. 

The change

Lawmakers decided to change the law because it was not serving any purpose. The state had the law because federal law mandates states to suspend drivers licenses for drug convictions, and if the state does not, it loses 8% of its federal funding for highway maintenance. 

Despite this penalty, lawmakers held that this law caused an undue hardship, especially for low-income individuals. It also cost the state a lot more money than was excusable to process these suspensions. 

Above all else, lawmakers found these suspensions were unnecessary because they did nothing to promote or help make the roads safer.