Will uninsured motorist coverage pay my damages?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

New York drivers often navigate heavily trafficked roads, so having the right motorist insurance like uninsured motorist coverage is crucial. This allows you as a driver to receive coverage for damages if a motorist with no or inadequate coverage hits your vehicle. But you might wonder if your uninsured policy will be there for you no matter what.

There could be circumstances when your claim for damages under your uninsured policy might not pan out. U.S. News and World Report explains what situations to watch out for so that you avoid losing out on needed coverage.

Determining who bears fault

An uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage policy will likely hinge on who bears fault for an auto collision. The uninsured driver must bear enough blame for the accident in order for your insurer to pay for your damages. If a police report determines that the driver without coverage bore less than 50% of the blame for the accident, your insurer might not honor your claim.

Waiting too long can be a problem

You may also lose out on coverage if you wait too long to file your claim. The exact time period for you to file a claim may vary, but generally, insurance companies do not honor a claim filed more than 30 days following an auto accident. Checking the terms of your policy for time period specifications may help clear up any ambiguities.

Having personal injury protection

Because New York is a no-fault state, everyone bears some responsibility for their injuries even if they are not the party that caused the accident. This may complicate your efforts to receive uninsured coverage. However, New York also requires its residents to carry personal injury protection insurance. PIP covers you and anyone riding in your car in the same manner as uninsured coverage in the event you get into an auto wreck.