What are the signs of an angry dog?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | personal injury

Dog bites can seriously injure you or a loved one, and knowing what an aggressive dog looks like may help you determine when they could happen.

Noticing a dog’s body language is the best way to tell whether he or she is ready to attack.

Different stance

According to the American Kennel Club, threatened dogs often act out in order to warn people they may soon bite. The most common way of letting a human know when you have come too close for comfort is to assume an aggressive stance. A guarded position, where the dog hunches his or her neck down and stretches it forward, often signals unhappiness and aggression in dogs.

The dog’s body may also become stiff and unmoving, and his or her gaze may follow you if you try to walk away. Loud groups of strangers may cause him or her to start exhibiting these signs.

Odd noises and movements

Guttural barking or frustrated noises often signal a dog is planning to bite. When accompanied with bared teeth, this often means you are in danger. Although dogs curl their lips and bare their teeth sometimes when they are happy, in this case, it almost always means you should back away.

If the dog’s tail is not wagging, or is barely wagging except for short and staccato movements, then he or she is usually seriously aggravated in some way. Raised hair on the body of the dog also is a sign he or she is uncomfortable in the current situation. Learning how a dog shows aggression can help you and your family members stay safe.