How do dog owners create hazards at the dog park?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Firm News

Dog owners may see taking their pets to a dog park as a great idea to help burn off excess energy. After all, a well-exercised dog is a behaved dog.

However, NBC News explains that dog parks can be dangerous, particularly when owners do not pay attention to their animals.

Owners cannot always call their dogs away

Problems can arise out of seemingly nowhere. Two dogs could engage in reciprocal play and another may enter and cause turmoil. Dog owners must be able to recall their dogs. If there is questionable interaction and a person does not call his or her dog away, it can lead to fights or injuries to others in the dog park.

Owners may choose to use treats at the park

Some owners think that treats will help their dogs behave at a dog park. The problem is that there are dogs with behavioral issues that they may be unaware of. For instance, if one dog has an issue with guarding food, it might lash out at the person or other dogs.

Owners allow dogs to socialize for too long

If a dog seems to be happily socializing, why would the owner pull it from the group? Experts say that the longer dogs are in groups, the greater the opportunity that one will miss a social cue, and it can cause fights to break out. If an owner does not have good recall, his or her pet may become a hazard to other guests and the other dogs.

Suffering a dog bite or witnessing a dog fight is common because some dogs do not have careful enough owners.