Theft charges for impersonating someone at a bank

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | criminal defense

The term “theft” encompasses a broad category of offenses. For example, there is a difference between theft, larceny and grand theft.

While many identity theft schemes focus on gathering personal information online, these charges also apply to people who attempt to access bank accounts that do not belong to them. Such is the case for a woman attempting to withdraw a large sum of money from another person’s account.

Police detain woman at the scene of the crime

According to The Daily Voice, a woman allegedly filled out a deposit ticket in an attempt to withdraw nearly $60,000 from someone else’s bank account. The woman returned to the same branch location later that day to obtain a $100,000 cashier’s check from the same account.

The police detained the woman at the branch location and discovered a fake driver’s license. The woman claimed to be working with other people, but there is no mention of any other suspects at this time.

A multitude of theft charges

The woman is currently facing several different types of theft charges. The following is a breakdown of the charges as they may apply to the situation:

  • Forgery for signing someone else’s name on a withdrawal slip
  • Identity theft for impersonating someone else, along with having a fake license
  • Theft by deception for deceiving the bank staff into believing she is the account holder
  • Access device fraud indicates that she may have also had a debit or credit card not belonging to her

It is easy to see how one situation can result in more than one type of theft charge.