Is it ever wise to break up a dogfight?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | personal injury

Dogs can be unpredictable, even the world-famous ones. Recently, President Biden’s rescue pup, Major, made headlines around the country when he had a biting incident. While the incident did not cause serious injury, that is not the case with many other dog attacks.

More than 1% of all emergency room visits in the U.S. come from non-fatal dog bites. Some of these happen after owners or others attempt to break up a dogfight. Is it ever wise to do so?

The nature of dogfights

Dogs have a natural pecking order and often sort things out quickly during a dogfight. Still, when they are in a heightened state of arousal, dogs may behave erratically and dangerously. If you jump in the middle of a fight between two dogs, you have twice the risk of suffering a life-altering injury.

Your safety strategy

While you may worry about the health of the animals in the dogfight, your safety must be paramount. Consequently, you should not place any part of your body between the dogs. If you are close to a garden hose, spraying water on the animals may break up the fight without endangering you.

Otherwise, your best bet is probably to wait for the dogs to finish fighting on their own.

Some post-fight steps

After a dogfight ends, both animals may remain dangerous. After all, frightened or injured dogs may be aggressive. By waiting to check for animal injuries until the dogs calm down, you may minimize your chances of suffering a post-fight dog bite.

Even if you behave responsibly, a dogfight may leave you with serious injuries. While seeking treatment for these injuries may be expensive, you may be able to pursue financial compensation from the dog’s owner.