How can I gather evidence after a car accident?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | motor vehicle accidents

After a car accident, you need to be your own advocate to protect yourself. In that scary moment, it can be quite difficult to settle your nerves and straighten out your thinking to take the right actions.

Preparing yourself ahead of time for the possibility of an accident can allow you to better handle the situation. Part of that preparation is understanding what evidence you should gather after the incident.


U.S. News and World Report explains taking pictures after an auto accident helps you to get solid evidence. It is easier now than ever to take photos because you will probably have your cell phone handy. You should capture images of both vehicles, make sure that you get images of the other vehicle’s license plate.

You also can take pictures of injuries and the general area in which the accident took place. This can help later with accident reconstruction. It also preserves things in the moment so there are no issues with people not remembering or misremembering later.


You should also try to gather as much information as you can from the other persona and any witnesses in the area. Get names, addresses, and phone numbers when possible. You should also make sure you get insurance information from the other driver.

When it comes to gathering evidence after a crash, you really cannot get too much information. Even if you think something is not important, gather it anyway. You want to have as much as possible to provide later if there is a lawsuit or claim against you.