How do TBIs affect memory?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | personal injury

TBIs affect the body in many ways. They can affect the mind similarly. Many TBI sufferers undergo prolonged periods in which their brain does not function the way it used to, which can cause a severe upset in the balance of their life.

Memory is one of the biggest areas that TBIs impact. TBI sufferers often complain of memory loss and struggle to recall things. But just how to TBIs impact memory?

Memory recollection and formation

Mayo Clinic also discusses the impact of TBIs on memory and recollection. Of course, several factors determine how TBIs impact memory. This can include the strength behind the blow, as well as its location. A hit to the top of the head will likely have a different impact on memory than a blow to the front or side, for example.

But there are some similarities between most cases, and several of those center around memory recollection and formation. Memory recollection involves retrieving stored memories to review the data at a later point in time. Memory formation involves storing those memories in the first place. Unfortunately, TBIs can impact both.

Struggles in your daily life

In other words, you may struggle to store a memory properly from the start. This can make daily life very difficult, as you can easily forget information you just learned, such as important dates or times for meetings. You can also find it hard to recall things you already knew in the past. Again, this can result in things like missing regularly scheduled appointments or forgetting to take medication.

Your working memory serves an essential function for your everyday life, but the cost of therapy is often prohibitively expensive. This is why many in your shoes choose to seek compensation for damages to help cover medical costs.