How can you encourage brain activity after a TBI?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | personal injury

A traumatic brain injury can impact your brain function which may cause changes to its activity. Even minor TBIs may require the support of rehabilitative therapy to help your brain recover.

Ignoring the changes you experience following your head injury could worsen your symptoms and trigger permanent problems including behavioral disorders and memory loss. Encouraging healthy and productive brain activity may improve your situation.

Writing and recall

TBI’s can happen as the result of an accident that impacts your head and causes shock or trauma to your brain. According to The Mayo Clinic, such accidents may include sports injuries, car crashes, falls, combat wounds and violence among other things.

Writing can encourage memory building and precision, as well as stimulate your brain in positive ways. You may consider various writing activities including journaling and making lists. You can also utilize memory games to help you strengthen your ability to recall details.


Even though a TBI may impact your independence, use your injury as an opportunity to solve problems. Think of creative ways to still do the things you need to do and enjoy doing. Try to rely on others as little as possible, but surround yourself with supportive individuals who can help you reach your recovery goals.

Your medical team will probably suggest that you implement various rehabilitative therapies into your treatment. Regularly assessing your progress can help you determine when to modify your approach so you can continue benefiting from optimal effort toward your recovery. With proactive and customized intervention, you may improve your chances of conquering your TBI so you can continue to live a successful life.