What are common dog bite complications?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | personal injury

A dog bit you recently, and you worry about your prognosis. Should you expect to experience bumps along the road to recovery?

Medical News Today explains common dog bite complications. Understand the symptoms associated with dangerous dog bite infections.


Even if you suffer a minor bite, take care to clean and treat the wound thoroughly. Unattended bites could put a person at risk of sepsis, which is an intense reaction to an infection. Symptoms of the reaction include intense discomfort or pain, low or high body temperature, severe daytime fatigue and confusion.


Symptoms of the dog bite infection called Capnocytophaga include joint pain, blistering around the wound site, headaches, fever, diarrhea, redness around the wound and vomiting. You may notice signs of the infection the day after the bite, or it may take as long as two weeks. Factors that increase a person’s risk of experiencing Capnocytophaga include taking cell-damaging medication, excessive alcohol use, health conditions that target the immune system and not having a spleen.


Tetanus is bacteria that may enter the body through a dog bite. Symptoms include stiff muscles, jaw cramping and trouble swallowing.


If a dog with rabies bites a person, she or he could contract the viral disease. Signs of rabies in humans include an itching around the wound site, fever, weakness, headache and flu-like symptoms. Those who suspect they may have rabies should seek immediate medical attention, as the disease may become fatal if left untreated.

Other than protecting your rights, you must also protect your physical health after a dog bites you. Getting the facts could help ease your mind.