What is Leandra’s law?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | dui/dwi

Drunk driving can have many consequences. If a person is alone in the vehicle, he or she may get lucky and end up in an accident involving only his or her car. However, once other people become victims of the driver’s choice to drive under the influence, it increases to a more severe criminal situation.

One area where the law takes a harsh stance is if a drunk driver has a child in the vehicle. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles explains lawmakers in the state created a special law to address this situation called Leandra’s law.


Leandra Rosado was 11 years old when she died while in a vehicle with her friend’s mother who was under the influence of alcohol. Lawmakers passed Leandra’s law in her memory. The legislation strengthened other traffic laws involving driving under the influence. It imposed additional penalties for anyone in violation of Leandra’s law.


Leandra’s law requires an ignition interlock device on all vehicles of anyone who has a conviction for drunk driving after August 15, 2010. The device must go on any and all vehicles the person owns or uses. The driver also must get an interlock device destination on his or her driver’s license. The minimum sentence requiring the use of the device is 12 months.

The law also created a Class E felony charge for anyone driving under the influence with a child age 15 or younger in the vehicle.

Violations of Leandra’s law are a serious legal situation. Such a conviction leads to multiple impacts on your life, including probation, interlock devices, fines, potential jail time and a felony record.