Gaining a better understanding of dog aggression

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | personal injury

Dog bites occur to individuals for many reasons, often as a result of poor control from owners. The result usually involves a degree of pain and suffering on the part of the victim and often requires some form of medical attention.

Both dog owners and the general public play a role in reducing dog bites through a better understanding of these sometimes unpredictable animals.

Reason’s behind aggressive behavior

Information from Cesar’s Way website states that dog aggression that could lead to an attack stems from frustration and dominance. The first issue, frustration, often comes from the dog owner failing to understand his or her dog’s need for exercise. A dog that can not get out and run will have a pent-up demand for energy and this could lead to wild behavior.

The issue of dominance happens when a dog owner does not understand how to establish rules, boundaries and limitations. The owner must speak to the nature of the dog, particularly larger breeds, and exert a reasonable level of control. Owners who fail to take on the role of the pack leader could enable the dog to act out aggressively on humans and other dogs.

Differences between small and large dogs

All dogs have the potential to bite humans and all can inflict damage. Smaller dogs, however, tend to inflict less damage than larger dogs.

Powerful breeds have the potential to cause greater harm and these breeds also tend to require a more assertive and skilled owner. Inexperienced dog owners might allow frustration and dominance to go unchecked, making it more likely that a person coming near the property could face an aggressive dog.