How can motorcycle gear save your life?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | motor vehicle accidents

Road safety may be on your mind with motorcycle season around the corner. Motorcyclists have a higher chance of suffering severe injuries at the hands of passenger vehicle drivers. Protective motorcycle gear can help minimize the impact every time you find yourself behind the wheel.

According to AARP, manufacturers design motorcycle gear with safety and protection. While most people know to wear a helmet, there are some lesser-known types of clothing to remember.

Dress for the weather

Protective clothing needs to match the weather outside. You should always have rain gear, just in case the weather turns sour. Rain gear tends to fit larger, so you can slip it over your other safety gear without a problem. Generally, it has closures on the neck, ankles and wrists to keep water from soaking your other clothes. On cold days, layer up with insulated gloves, boots and a warm jacket. The wind from the ride can make the air even colder. When it comes to poor weather gear, choose brighter colors over darker ones. Brighter colors help drivers see you in rainy conditions.

Keep your eyes safe

During an accident, eyes are vulnerable to damage. Likewise, during a ride, your eyes have to suffer through the light of the sun or strain through the night. On the road, you have to contend with wind and debris. If you have a helmet with a face shield, you do not need to use glasses or goggles. However, if you do not, you should consider goggles or glasses. You can find glasses with shatter-resistant materials and UV protection.

When riding, ensure that you have rags and anti-fog cleansers to clear your glasses or face shield.