2 things you need to do immediately after a dog attack

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | personal injury

Dogs are beloved members of many American households. Unfortunately, these friendly companions can cause serious injuries when they attack. Besides inflicting physical injuries, a dog attack can also result in infections such as rabies, tetanus and sepsis. 

If you are attacked by another person’s dog in a public place or in their home, you may consider pursuing a premises liability lawsuit against the dog owner. However, as you prepare for your lawsuit, there are steps you need to take immediately following the attack. Here are some of these steps:

Seek medical attention

Never take a dog attack lightly. A dog bite can result in deep lacerations that can cause significant bleeding. The force of the bite can even break your bones and cause serious tissue damage. And that is not all: The risk of contracting an infection when you are attacked by a non-vaccinated dog is quite high. 

Seeking medical attention immediately following a dog attack is key to protecting your health. Also, if you intend to sue the dog owner or handler, a medical report that ties the dog attack to your injuries can greatly boost your premises liability case. 

Keep records of your damages

You will need evidence when litigating your dog bite case. Some of the evidence of damages you need to put together includes your treatment cost, lost income while seeking treatment, pain and suffering and emotional anguish. 

Besides the direct monetary costs, it is equally important that you document how the attack impacted your life. A journal of your day-to-day pain, anxiety and sleep difficulty as well as the activities that you can no longer participate in due to the injuries can also help you strengthen your case. 

A dog attack can leave you with lasting physical and emotional scars. Find out how you can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the dog owner for your damages.