How does alcohol create vision problems?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2022 | Drunk Driving Charges

The impact of drunk driving can be devastating, which is why the state of New York imposes serious penalties like jail time and the suspension of driving privileges for a DUI conviction. Alcohol can impair your ability to drive in different ways. For example, it could interfere with your vision.

You need to clearly see the outside environment while you drive or you could get into an accident. The NHTSA explains the possible effects of alcohol on your vision.

Blurred or double vision

Alcoholic drinks and some drugs can make it hard for you to focus your vision. Objects may show up twice when you look at them, a condition known as double vision. Blurry vision is another possibility.

Problems discerning your environment

You need to properly judge where other automobiles are, where they are going and how fast they travel on the road. The problem is that alcohol and drugs can make it hard to figure out if a vehicle is far or near and if you are heading towards it or not.

Your ability to judge distance can become bad enough that you cannot discern the boundaries of the road. People in this state could wander out of a lane or careen off the road completely.

Inability to recognize colors

Being able to distinguish colors is a crucial function of driving since the colors of signs often tell you what they are for. With alcohol in your system, you lose the ability to recognize colors. You could misjudge a stop sign or a danger sign and not take the proper actions before it is too late.

Given the dangers of driving shortly after drinking, it is important to avoid getting behind the wheel if you know you are in an inebriated state. Arranging for a rideshare or a taxi is one way to avoid a drunk driving accident and a DUI. You could also make sure a designated driver is ready to bring you home.