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Car Accidents Archives

Know the signs of a brain injury after a car wreck

Brain injuries range from mild to severe, and they can all have lasting impacts on the victims. Some of these injuries come from car wrecks, but many people don't realize that you can have one even if your head doesn't hit something in the vehicle. This is because the force of the head being flung about can lead to the brain smashing into the skull, which can cause damage.

Traumatic wrecks negatively impact some children

One of a parent's biggest fears is something happening to their children. When you are involved in a crash with your kids, your first priority is likely making sure they are doing. You'll probably have to help them work through what happened for a long time after the accident. It is hard for kids to realize that bad things like car accidents happen to good people.

Will some people always be bad drivers?

When you talk about bad drivers and how they can improve, people often point to things like practice and a greater understanding of what not to do on the road. Young drivers cause accidents, for instance, because of their lack of experience. As they get experience, they can become good drivers.

Tailgaters can be aggressive or ignorant

You usually think of tailgaters as aggressive drivers. They're trying to push you to go faster, or they're getting so close in order to pass that they're risking an accident. They may even be tailgating because they're mad at you for something they think you did wrong -- whether you made any real driving mistakes or not.

Crash reconstruction is complex, but can be useful

Some car accidents are so serious that the police officers who respond contact a crash reconstruction team, so they can find out what happened. This is often the case when there is a fatality in the wreck. One thing that people don't realize is just how much work goes into trying to determine what happened.

Traumatic amputations are damaging to your finances

The way that a car accident impacts your body depends on the specifics of the accident. One thing that might happen is that a body part becomes entrapped by the wreckage of the vehicle. This can sometimes lead to a traumatic amputation, which means that it occurred in an uncontrolled environment.