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criminal defense Archives

Why choose a criminal defense attorney?

Criminal defense options may be limited depending on the case, but as someone who faces significant charges, you want to make sure you take advantage of anything that could help. While many people believe that explaining themselves or staying quiet will help them walk free, the reality is that you need to have the guidance of someone who understands the legal system and how best to protect you.

Marijuana further decriminalized in New York

Many New Yorkers were hoping that the state's lawmakers would pass legislation that would generally make marijuana legal for personal use. Unfortunately, lawmakers couldn't decide how to go about that process -- so they opted for further decriminalization of marijuana instead.

Thief and bad driver: man crashes stolen car

People get into legally problematic situations all the time. Most of them require criminal defense services in order to prevent or minimize the consequences that arise from such situations. Of course, one key thing that everyone can do is to avoid making their own bad situation even worse.

Man from the Bronx indicted for identity theft

White collar crimes are often thought of as crimes without victims because they're not violent and those committing the acts don't see who they affect. The assumption that no one suffers is wrong, though, especially in cases where a person has their identity stolen or their bank accounts emptied.