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Thief and bad driver: man crashes stolen car

People get into legally problematic situations all the time. Most of them require criminal defense services in order to prevent or minimize the consequences that arise from such situations. Of course, one key thing that everyone can do is to avoid making their own bad situation even worse.

Man from the Bronx indicted for identity theft

White collar crimes are often thought of as crimes without victims because they're not violent and those committing the acts don't see who they affect. The assumption that no one suffers is wrong, though, especially in cases where a person has their identity stolen or their bank accounts emptied.

Understanding low-value shoplifting crimes in New York

If you have been accused of shoplifting in the state of New York, it is important that you take such an accusation very seriously. A guilty verdict could lead to a hefty fine, and it could even lead to a criminal record or jail time, impacting your future career opportunities.