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Felony DUI Archives

Alcoholism can sometimes lead to felony DUI charges

Alcohol use disorder is a huge problem in the United States. For people with AUD, consuming alcohol is often part of their daily routine. They might not realize what effects their drinking has on their life. One way that they can be affected is by becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

What is a criminal trial for a DUI case like?

A criminal trial for drunk driving charges is similar to those of other criminal matters. If you don't plead guilty to the charges placed against you, it is likely that you will find yourself facing a trial before a jury of your peers. This trial has several specific components that you must be prepared for. Discussing each of these points with your legal representation can help you to be sure you have a comprehensive defense strategy.

A defense must encompass considerations for all your charges

In our most recent blog posts, we have discussed how some drunk driving incidents can lead to charges of vehicular assault. We have also discussed how a DUI conviction can impede your chances of getting a job. We also discussed how a DUI stop might lead to arrest, search and seizure. After reading through all of those posts, it might become evident just how much of an impact a drunk driving charge can have on your life.

You don't have to talk to police officers without an attorney

When you are arrested on a drunk driving charge, your actions and words might affect you in various ways. It is important that you understand some basic points about dealing with the police officers and the criminal justice system. One of these points is that you have the right to an attorney.

Woman faces felony drunk driving charges after drinking extract

We have covered a lot of cases on this blog, but a recent story out of New York is one that many of our readers might find interesting. A woman was accused of drunk driving, but she hadn't consumed the alcoholic beverages that most people drink. Instead, the 46-year-old woman had reportedly been drinking pure vanilla extract.

Don't let felony drunk driving charges ruin your entire life

Learning that you are facing a felony drunk driving charge is devastating. Once the charge is filed, you have to deal with the criminal justice system. You also have to deal with the social and professional difficulties that come with a drunk driving charge. Losing your license, not being able to drive and having to rely on others to help you get where you need to go are difficult.

When do drunk driving charges become felony charges in New York?

In the past two weeks, we discussed the methods police officers use to determine if a person is driving drunk. Once officers make the determination that they feel they have just cause to charge a person with drunk driving, that person is charged. There are several different types of drunk driving charges a person might face, some of which are felony charges. Our New York readers might be interested in learning about various charges for non-commercial drivers.