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Premises Liability Archives

Wood beam nearly impales man, strikes arm instead

When most people think of premises liability cases, they think of things like people falling in parking lots or slipping on icy sidewalks. One man's recent encounter underneath the 7 train line is a stark reminder that there are also other situations that might occur.

A slip-and-fall hazard: Local water features

With the spring nearly here and summer coming quickly, one of the things you're likely to see more often is working fountains. Some areas have them out in the open, where tourists and locals can run under the flowing waterfalls. Others have them for decorations, where the water falls back into a dish and is recollected.

Tips for walking on snow and ice this winter

Now that winter is upon the New York area, everyone who is going to go anywhere needs to know how to walk on the snow and ice. This isn't as easy as it sounds, so make sure that you aren't trying to rush about when you are on this type of surface. Remember that sometimes, ice can blend in with the pavement, so you might not realize how slick it is until you step on it.

Do this to dramatically decrease your chances of a car crash

It should go without saying that the duty of every motorist -- to him or herself, family, passengers and others -- is to do everything to decrease the chances of being involved in a car crash. But how many drivers actually do this? Look around and you'll see people distracted by their phones, tailgating, speeding and making brainless decisions on the road.

Premises liability cases must be handled swifty

The winter months in New York are filled with snow and other wintry precipitation. This can pose a hazard for customers of businesses because of the risk of slipping and falling while entering the stores. Falls on these slick surfaces can lead to very serious injuries that can cause significant impacts on a person's life. Because there is often an element of negligence in these cases, the victim of slip-and-fall accidents might decide to hold the business accountable for their lapses.

Your landlord could be liable for injuries on the property

On any property, there are things that could constitute a hazard. For example, having a fireplace is fantastic for warming a home, but there is a risk of smoke inhalation and fires if the chute isn't cleaned and inspected regularly.

Seek compensation for injuries that happen in stores

Now that the Christmas season is over and things are starting to settle down some, people can start to focus on everything else they have going on. For some, this isn't going to be anything fun. Some individuals might have suffered injuries during their holiday shopping and now they need to determine what to do about it.

What can businesses do to make ice less dangerous?

When nights drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the risk of freezing is high, it's important for businesses to monitor their premises and prevent ice from forming on walkways or staircases. If ice gathers on the premises, it's possible that a customer approaching the business could fall and get hurt.

Businesses need a winter safety plan to keep patrons safe

Now that the colder temperatures are here, people are going to have to pay close attention to how they are walking around since snow and ice are very slick. As tempting as staying home for the rest of the season is, this isn't feasible for most people. You still have to venture out to go shopping and handle other errands.

Injuries caused by escalators are preventable

It has been reported that around 10,000 people go to the emergency department due to injuries caused by escalators every year in the United States. This is a shocking number, but perhaps even more shocking is the fact that many of these injuries could have been prevented.