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Stay safe when you're shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday is right around the corner, which means that shoppers will flock to stores in an attempt to score good deals on the items they plan on giving to loved ones this holiday season. The stores have had ample time to plan these sales -- so they should be able to keep shoppers safe. Unfortunately, there are stories of injured consumers each year on this day.

Consider making a claim if you slipped on ice

Fall is here, and it won't be long until the winter months bring with them frost, snow and ice. Sleet and snow make roads, walkways, outdoor staircases and other areas slick and dangerous, which is why it's important for businesses to do what they can to keep their premises safe.

Slip-and-fall accidents on snow and ice are often preventable

Even though most people might not want to think about the snowy months that are coming, the reality is that they are right around the corner. Businesses need to start getting plans in place for dealing with this type of precipitation. Without having a plan in place, customers can suffer injuries due to slip-and-fall accidents.

Hurt while dining out? You may be able to seek compensation

When you're on another person's or business' property, it's usually assumed that they will keep that property safe for you. For example, if you go to a restaurant, you expect that the chairs you're seated in will be sturdy. You expect the ceiling fan to be attached correctly and for doors and heavy items to be secured.

Vigilance is required to remain safe while shopping

The busy holiday shopping season isn't too far away, which means shoppers are going to start heading out to purchase gifts. Trying to remain safe in all the activity at the store is a challenge that can sometimes feel impossible. Stores have a duty to take proper safety precautions, but you might need to be especially vigilant during this season.

Whose fault was that slip-and-fall?

You're walking through the local grocery store, pushing your cart, when you suddenly feel your feet slipping out from under you. You try to catch yourself on the cart, but it just makes things worse. As the cart rolls away from you, you crash to the ground and fracture your hip.

Debris on floors presents serious hazards for customers

Customers who venture into stores are often focused on the goods that are being offered. They likely aren't watching their feet as they walk around. For this reason, stores must ensure that they are keeping the floors free of debris. It takes more than just a quick sweep to make sure that this is done.

Outdoor hazards exist even during the summer months

You might think of slip-and-fall accidents as only occurring when there is snow or ice on the ground, but this is a big misconception. Even in the heat of summer, it is possible for someone to slip or trip and fall outdoors. There are several reasons that this can occur, so you should be prepared for them all if you are going to walk around.