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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Cutting off a semitruck in traffic is a dangerous choice

Big rigs provide a valuable transportation service to move goods around the country. This doesn't mean that there is a cost to having these large trucks on the road. In fact, the cost is considerable. Semitruck crashes to do occur and can lead to catastrophic results.

Drunk driving accidents might be more prevalent this weekend

The wintry weather makes driving difficult, but this isn't any reason for anyone to get hurt because of this. Drivers need to take steps to drive safely since they know the roads might not be as safe and clear as other times. Since this weekend is a big one for football, people will likely be heading out to watch the big game. When the parties include alcohol, there is an added danger as drivers leave these parties.

Car accident compensation claims are time sensitive matters

Being involved in a car crash is a hard situation to be placed in. For some people, their vehicle is their sole means of transportation, which means that if it is damaged they don't have a way to get around. On top of that horror, the victim might also be dealing with injuries that can make life even more difficult.

Safety testing reveals safest 2018 model vehicles

Each year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) publishes a rating of vehicles that is based on extensive testing. Manufacturers focus on these ratings and try to make the top rating, Top Safety Pick . For the model year 2018, manufacturers have really had to up their focus on safety.

What are some common fall driving hazards?

One of the most beautiful seasons in the Northeast is autumn. Everyone loves a good summer along the East Coast, but when the leaves begin to change, there's so much beauty to enjoy. Aside from the changing leaves, fall also brings with it quite a few dangerous driving hazards in New York. So, what are some common fall driving hazards?

Mental trauma after a car crash can impact your life greatly

Many factors can impact the injuries you will suffer in a car accident. One thing that is consistent no matter what kinds of injuries you suffer is that you are likely mentally impacted by the crash. When you are dealing with physical injuries and mental trauma because of the accident, your life might be greatly impacted.

Distracted driving accidents are far too common in this country

People can die when drivers are distracted. This is just the harsh reality of the situation. There are many different things that can distract drivers. All drivers must make sure that they don't fall into the habit of driving while distracted because doing so can lead to tragedy.

Drowsy driving is a huge safety hazard for everyone

Drivers have to be in good shape physically and mentally to drive. When a driver is drowsy, such as after a hard day of work or waking up too early in the morning, that driver is a risk to others on the road because he or she might not be able to drive in a safe manner.

Truck driver gets plea deal in 2015 car crash

A truck driver who reportedly was involved in a 2015 crash that killed four occupants of a limousine touring the New York wine country will not face jail time. The New York driver will instead only have his license suspended, and he will have to pay a fine in connection with the car accident. Family members of the victims are reportedly outraged that the driver will not face more serious consequences. The driver took a plea deal in the case.