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Posts tagged "DWI charges"

Porsche destroyed in alleged DUI crash in New York

A man wrecked his Porsche in a crash in New York when he collided with a semi truck. The accident took place on the George Washington Bridge. Photos from the scene show the sports car, which is absolutely mangled, with the front end reduced to little more than twisted metal. The car is crushed all the way back to the front seats, the window is smashed, and one of the tires appears to have almost come all the way off of the vehicle.

New York woman facing multiple charges after firehouse crash

Some days, you're better off just staying home. That's probably how a 22-year-old New York woman feels about Aug. 4. Police say she was traveling westbound on Jericho Turnpike that evening when she drove over the center median, struck a car and then crashed into a Nassau County firehouse where she hit two fire trucks. Damage is reported to be in the thousands of dollars.

Vince's Law gives some New York DWI convictions harsh penalties

People make mistakes that sometimes necessitate a punishment through the criminal justice system. Drunk driving is one of those mistakes, but the punishment for that mistake might be getting a little bit more harsh thanks to Vince's Law.

Low conviction rates for misdemeanor DWI charges in some areas

Almost everyone is aware that driving while under the influence of alcohol is against the law. The penalties for a person convicted of driving while intoxicated are tough in the state of New York, but in Erie county, only around 17 percent of people arrested for misdemeanor DWI are actually convicted.

New York man faces harsh penalties for repeat DWI charge

Someone who has been drinking and makes the decision to drive might feel they have no other option to get where they need to go. When this occurs, the driver is usually very careful to obey traffic laws to avoid drawing attention to the vehicle. For one man, allegedly running a red light has landed him in trouble with the law.

Alleged drunk driver crashes into police car, faces DWI charges

If you choose to drive after consuming alcohol, you must be extra vigilant about what you do as you drive. Watching out for pedestrians, other vehicles and obstacles in the roadway are all part of driving safely. One New York driver is facing drunk driving charges after hitting a parked police cruiser that had the rooftop lights activated.

New York man faces DWI charges for wrong-way driving incident

There are some things that are best left undone. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is one of those things. However, some instances occur in which it seems necessary to drive after drinking. For one chemist in New York, making the decision to drive after drinking might have some serious consequences.

New York DWI checkpoints increase during holiday campaign

With the increase in traffic during the holiday season, it is vital that drivers remain mentally and physically able to control a vehicle while driving. In an effort to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents during the holiday season, the New York State Police are taking a stance against drunk driving.