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Posts tagged "Premises Liability"

Injuries caused by escalators are preventable

It has been reported that around 10,000 people go to the emergency department due to injuries caused by escalators every year in the United States. This is a shocking number, but perhaps even more shocking is the fact that many of these injuries could have been prevented.

Why should you seek compensation when you get hurt?

In New York, a retailer or business could be held liable if a person is hurt on the business' property. It is well-understood that businesses are responsible for maintaining their properties. The owners should do all they can to prevent injuries and to encourage safety on the properties.

Injuries at stores demand action from the victim

You don't count on getting injured when you run to the grocery store to do some shopping. Unfortunately, there are cases of shopping accidents in which the victim suffers greatly. In these cases, the person involved in the accident might decide that they are going take legal action. Filing a premises liability claim can help you to recover the money that you have to spend as you take care of matters related to the accident.

Safety during seasonal farm visits is important for visitors

For some individuals, one of the rights of passage during the autumn months is going on a hayride or visiting a farm. From pumpkin patches and hayrides to haunted houses and corn mazes, farmers use the pull of the cooler months and harvest season to attract visitors. It is imperative that the person who is hosting these events take the time to ensure that people taking part in the activities are safe.

Premises liability after an attack in your rented home

The presence of violence has become an unfortunate reality for many Americans, including those who live in New York. Victims of these attacks suffer deep wounds in a range of different ways. There are the physical injuries to cope with as well as the mental and emotional trauma that accompanies a personal attack. Who is to blame when assault occurs and what can victims do to take back a measure of control over their lives.

Can you pursue a premises liability claim for an elevator injury?

New York is home to some of the nation's tallest buildings. To help visitors, employees or customers get around easier, most tall buildings in the state feature elevators. Many assume these carriages are safe for use, but in some cases, they present injury risks to those who rely on them. While injured victims may have grounds to pursue a premises liability claim,

Slip and fall accidents indoors stem from many conditions

There are many different elements that can cause a person to slip and fall inside. These hazards can impact any building from a nursing home or store to a home or office. It is imperative that any property owner or manager takes the time to ensure that everything is safe for customers, residents, guests or visitors.

Plan your steps carefully after a slip-and-fall accident

Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to very serious injuries, especially if the person who falls hits his or her head or back on something when he or she falls. While you might be tempted to think that a slip and fall isn't anything to be concerned about, you might want to think again.

Potholes in sidewalks pose big risks for pedestrians

You count on the sidewalks to be safe for walking when you are out and about in town. When there are defects in the sidewalk, such as potholes, they become more of a liability instead of a benefit. There are some very real risks that come with potholes in sidewalks. If you ever walk around, make sure that you are aware of these.