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Posts tagged "Vehicular homicide"

What are the consequences of vehicular manslaughter in New York?

Last week, we discussed the case of the man who was allegedly drunk when he slammed into a snowplow. That accident claimed the life of the man's passenger. That post might have some of our readers wondering about charges like vehicular manslaughter. The answers to some common questions about vehicular manslaughter might shock some of our New York readers.

What are reasons for felony drunk driving charges?

When most people think about drunk driving charges, they might assume that these charges are all misdemeanor counts. That, however, isn't the case. In last week's blog post, we covered the need of people who are facing vehicular homicide and vehicular assault charges in New York to have a strong defense. Both of those charges are actually felony DUI charges that come with very serious consequences. There are several things that can trigger a felony charges for drunk driving charges.

Serious penalties for DWI accidents require firm defense strategy

Getting into a drunk driving accident is a horrible experience for anyone. If you were the driver accused of driving drunk, the horror can extend long past the date of the accident. In some drunk driving accidents, a fatality can occur. In those cases, the responsible driver might be charged with vehicular homicide. If the accident involved injuries, vehicular assault might be a charge the at-fault driver can face.

New York man cleared of major charges in DWI wreck

A man accused of causing a fatal drunk driving crash in Nassau County, New York, has been cleared of major charges in connection with the matter. The defendant, age 26, was accused of aggravated vehicular homicide for his role in the crash, in addition to several other criminal counts related to the October 2012 wreck. The collision killed a police officer.

New York train accident may result in vehicular homicide charge

Suffolk County, New York, residents probably heard about the terrible train accident that resulted in four deaths and the injuries of over 60 more people. The train derailed on Dec. 1 in the Bronx, and now, the engineer could be facing serious penalties related to the accident. According to the news, the Metro-North Railroad train driver may be charged if it is proven that he was negligent in the accident.