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Posts tagged "convictions"

New York visitor hits pedestrian, faces DWI charge

When people travel away from home, they often do things they wouldn't normally do. In some cases, this involves going out on the town for a night of fun that might include some alcohol consumption. For some people, driving somewhere after drinking while in a strange place is somewhat of a necessity. A recent accident involving an alleged drunk driver from out of state brings this scenario to life.

Vince's Law gives some New York DWI convictions harsh penalties

People make mistakes that sometimes necessitate a punishment through the criminal justice system. Drunk driving is one of those mistakes, but the punishment for that mistake might be getting a little bit more harsh thanks to Vince's Law.

New York homicide detective faces drunk driving charges

Although people hold law enforcement officers in high regard, these men and women sometimes make mistakes that can have profound effects on their lives. One recent incident in New York shows that police officers are only human and might make mistakes from time to time.