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Posts tagged "driving while intoxicated"

When do drunk driving charges become felony charges in New York?

In the past two weeks, we discussed the methods police officers use to determine if a person is driving drunk. Once officers make the determination that they feel they have just cause to charge a person with drunk driving, that person is charged. There are several different types of drunk driving charges a person might face, some of which are felony charges. Our New York readers might be interested in learning about various charges for non-commercial drivers.

New York woman charged with drunk driving under Leandra's Law

People sometimes do things that others who know them think is uncharacteristic. This uncharacteristic behavior sometimes can lead to criminal charges if law enforcement officials classify it as against the law. One woman in New York is now facing charges stemming from an incident that her lawyer says is "out of character" for her.

David Cassidy gets reduced drunk driving charges in New York

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after you have had alcoholic beverages is something that usually shouldn't be done. There are some instances in which you might decide that you aren't impaired enough to prevent you from driving after drinking. For David Cassidy, making the decision to drive after he had been drinking landed him in some trouble with the law. That trouble, however, isn't as bad now as what it could have been.