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Posts tagged "intoxicated"

DWI charge for woman involved in fatal New York accident

All human beings make mistakes at some point in their lives. Most mistakes do not lead to injuries or death, but in the case of driving while intoxicated, serious consequences often arise. A recent accident involving a driver who was allegedly intoxicated is an example of just how devastating a drunk driving mistake can be.

Man faces serious penalties in Bronx pedestrian-auto accident

Anyone who makes the decision to drive has to be willing to watch out for everything that is going on around the vehicle. Even when a pedestrian is vigilant, an accident with a car can still occur. For one Bronx family, a mother making the decision to go to the corner store turned out to be fatal.

New York man faces charges for crash that killed his uncle

The last thing you expect when you are riding around with family members or friends is to get into a car accident. Unfortunately, you don't always remain safe while driving. For one New York man, driving around with his uncle just after dropping a friend off led to a serious car accident, which police are claiming was caused by the driver being under the influence of alcohol.

New York man cleared of major charges in DWI wreck

A man accused of causing a fatal drunk driving crash in Nassau County, New York, has been cleared of major charges in connection with the matter. The defendant, age 26, was accused of aggravated vehicular homicide for his role in the crash, in addition to several other criminal counts related to the October 2012 wreck. The collision killed a police officer.