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Posts tagged "potential consequences"

New York visitor hits pedestrian, faces DWI charge

When people travel away from home, they often do things they wouldn't normally do. In some cases, this involves going out on the town for a night of fun that might include some alcohol consumption. For some people, driving somewhere after drinking while in a strange place is somewhat of a necessity. A recent accident involving an alleged drunk driver from out of state brings this scenario to life.

Fatal car accident leads to charge in Suffolk County

Making a mistake by getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking is something that can lead to serious consequences. Because of the potential consequences, it is vital for anyone who is facing these types of charges understand the charges against them so they can properly fight them when necessary. For one man, allegedly drinking and driving has landed him in trouble in Suffolk County, New York.

New York man faces DWI charges for wrong-way driving incident

There are some things that are best left undone. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is one of those things. However, some instances occur in which it seems necessary to drive after drinking. For one chemist in New York, making the decision to drive after drinking might have some serious consequences.