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Posts tagged "vehicular manslaughter"

Learn your defense options for DUI-related charges in New York

If you recall, we recently discussed the case of a man who was accused of drunk driving when he was involved in an accident that killed a passenger when the vehicle hit a snow plow. Last week, we discussed some of the penalties associated with a criminal conviction for vehicular manslaughter. With those two posts in mind, it is easy to see why anyone accused of crimes like those must have proper legal representation when they are fighting against the charges.

What are the consequences of vehicular manslaughter in New York?

Last week, we discussed the case of the man who was allegedly drunk when he slammed into a snowplow. That accident claimed the life of the man's passenger. That post might have some of our readers wondering about charges like vehicular manslaughter. The answers to some common questions about vehicular manslaughter might shock some of our New York readers.

New York woman beats manslaughter charge for 2013 crash

We have often discussed various criminal trials in the New York area, but it isn't that often that we cover a case like the one we will cover in this post. The case has to do with a driver who was charged with manslaughter after her friend died in a car accident on the Williamsburg Bridge.

2 drivers in New York face DWI charges in fatal accident

Drunk driving can lead to serious accidents. When an accident occurs that is caused by a driver who is allegedly drunk, criminal charges can be filed. In those cases, the driver who was allegedly drunk has the right to present a defense against the charges in an effort to clear his or her name or seek a favorable outcome. A recent accident in New York shows just how complex some cases involving allegedly drunk drivers can be.

DWI charge for woman involved in fatal New York accident

All human beings make mistakes at some point in their lives. Most mistakes do not lead to injuries or death, but in the case of driving while intoxicated, serious consequences often arise. A recent accident involving a driver who was allegedly intoxicated is an example of just how devastating a drunk driving mistake can be.

Tyson Beckford's nephew arrested in New York City fatal wreck

A recent crash in New York City resulted in the death of the Hillside bus driver behind the wheel when an allegedly impaired Georgia man stole a truck and crashed it into the city bus at a Greenwich Village intersection. Four others were also injured in the accident.