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Posts tagged "Motor Vehicle Accidents"

Crash on Long Island Expressway results in at least 3 injuries

Crashes involving pedestrians and those on the sides of the road shouldn't happen, but they do. Many times, it's a result of a distracted driver not moving over into a lane further from a disabled or parked vehicle that leads to a crash.

5 people, 1 dog die in pile-up crash in Long Island

A man who caused a fatal collision is facing serious penalties after it was found that the vehicle was stolen and being driven at speeds of over 154 mph when his vehicle hit a family's Mazda. The speed limit on the roadway was only 40 mph, and the accident resulted in a pile-up crash involving an oil truck, an Infinity, the Mazda and the driver's Camaro.

The first steps to take after a New York car accident

Being involved or being a witness to a car accident can be traumatic and upsetting. While all of us know that car accidents are unfortunately a common incident in modern life, we will never be fully prepared to deal with the situation when we are at the scene.

Manhasset man sentenced for fatal high-speed LIE crash

A Mineola judge called a 22-year-old man "young and stupid" for participating in a high-speed race on the Long Island Expressway (LIE) in Feb. 2017 that killed his best friend, then 19, The Manhasset man had previously pled guilty to manslaughter and DUI. On May 29, he was sentenced to a three-to-nine-year prison term. That sentence was the result of a plea bargain.

Despite being unsafe and illegal, too many drivers still text

We've all heard the warnings about the dangers of texting and driving. Here in New York, the use of a handheld device for talking or texting is illegal. Unfortunately, however, some drivers nonetheless make it a habit to text while behind the wheel.

Liability is foggy in autonomous driving case

With self-driving cars becoming more common, it's necessary for people to hold companies liable if those vehicles cause injuries. Self-driving cars could come to New York, and they may be there already. That's why it's important to keep updated on cases like this one out of Tempe.