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Posts tagged "Motorcycle Accidents"

Tips to remain safe when riding a through an intersection

Anyone who has been out on a motorcycle probably realizes that there are some very serious risks that come along with this form of transportation. One of the most serious of these is having to ride through intersections. While you can't control the actions of motorists who are also driving through these, there are some options that you have that could make it easier for others to spot you as you ride.

Motorcycle wrecks are likely when the roads are slick

The roadways can turn slick during the spring and summer months when it is raining. While many motorists can traverse the roads during these showers, motorcyclists face some unique challenges. These are because it is difficult to control a two-wheel motorcycle when it is wet. Following some basic safety tips can help motorcyclists remain on the road and make it to their destination without suffering from injuries.

Catastrophic injuries impact the remainder of your life

Motorcycles are a fun way to explore the local scenes, but they can sometimes end in tragedy. The problem is that after the New York winter, the other drivers might not recognize these two-wheel vehicles. This puts the bikers in a precarious position. Motorcyclists shouldn't have to do without their motorcycle just because others can't drive safely.

Spinal cord injuries aren't a single-event problem

A motorcyclist who is involved in a crash can suffer a host of injuries. Some of these, such as a spinal cord injury, are very severe. It is imperative that anyone who is driving takes appropriate steps to watch for motorcycles so that these incidents might be avoided. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be careful, so people run the very real risk of being struck while they are riding their bike.

Beware of rainy pavement when riding a motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is a fun activity during the warmer months of the year. One thing that all riders must be vigilant about is riding in the rain. The risk of riding on slick pavement is great for all vehicles, but it is even more dangerous for motorcyclists. It is imperative for riders to handle riding in these conditions appropriately, so they can remain as safe as possible.

Get ready for your spring motorcycle riding

Even though the weather is still cold here, spring is just around the corner. Now is the time that motorcyclists should get their bike ready for the beautiful rides that come with the new season. This means that you need to check tire pressure, lights and brakes to ensure that you can ride safely. It is also a good time to brush up on the basic riding skills that can help you as you venture around.

Drivers might not watch for bikers at the start of the season

While most motorcyclists won't be riding right now, the nicer weather that is perfect for drives is coming up quick. You should make sure that your motorcycle is ready for the open road now so that you are prepared when the weather improves. On those first rides of the year, remember that motorists might not be as vigilant about watching for bikers as what they are later in the year when they see them more often.

Motorcyclists: Practice can keep you safe

Motorcyclists are always looking for ways to stay safe on the road. They invest in helmets and anti-lock brakes and reflective clothing. They make it a point never to drink and drive and they learn what signs to watch out for in other drivers so that they can avoid that danger.

Do loud motorcycle pipes help prevent accidents?

As a motorcyclist, you probably have two primary goals: (1) enjoy yourself as much as possible while riding and (2) avoid getting into a serious accident. Chances are, you have the first goal covered, or you wouldn't be the owner of a bike. That leaves you with goal number "2" being paramount, and there are many theories about accident prevention. One such theory -- which is highly debated -- relates to noisy tailpipes.

Motorcyclists can face devastating injuries in a wreck

It is easy for people to blame motorcyclists when they are involved in a crash. This might be due in part to the bad boy image that many movies and television shows give to these bikers. What these people don't realize is that the motorcyclist community is filled with law-abiding bikers who just want to enjoy a safe ride.