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Posts tagged "Motorcycle Accidents"

Motorcyclists need to be 'present' as they ride

Are you worried about the dangers that you face when you ride a motorcycle? Perhaps you have had cars cut you off, and you could tell after the fact that the drivers never saw you. They were shocked and confused. They almost killed you. Now you're worried it will happen again.

Swift medical care is beneficial after a motorcycle crash

Motorcycle crashes can cause significant injuries and fatalities to the biker. One of the best things that a motorcyclist can do is wear a helmet. This helps to protect the brain if there is a crash. Wearing a helmet is 67% effective for preventing a severe brain injury and 29% effective in preventing a fatal head injury.

Helmets are always important to keep motorcyclists safe

Anyone who rides a motorcycle in New York, whether they are a passenger or the driver, must wear a helmet. This universal law is troubling to some adult motorcyclists who claim that they should be able to forego the helmet if they want; however, you can't deny the safety benefits that this single piece of gear brings.

Infuriating cause of motorcycle crashes

Motorcycle accidents are often much worse than what would happen in the same conditions if two cars were involved. It is easy to understand why when you look at the design of motorcycles. There is nothing that is between the vehicle that strikes it and its rider. This puts the occupants of the motorcycle at increased risks for injuries.

Have memory issues? You could have a traumatic brain injury

You get involved in a motorcycle accident. You wear a helmet, you never break a single traffic law, and you take all the precautions you can. You still can't avoid a crash when another driver pulls out of a driveway in front of you. You hit the side of the car, hit your head on the hood, and fall into the street.

Cutting the grass? Remember motorcycle safety is everyone's job

Motorcyclists have quite a few things that they have to watch for when they are on the road. One thing that many people might not think of is watching for people who are mowing grass. Unfortunately, people who are cutting the lawn could be unknowingly placing all motorcyclists in danger.

Motorcyclists must take appropriate safety precautions

Riding a motorcycle is a nice way to spend time outdoors. For many people, time in nature is almost therapeutic. During this time, it is imperative for the rider to take appropriate safety precautions since this will have a direct impact on whether they get to their destination without incident or not.