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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Drowsy driving is a huge safety hazard for everyone

Drivers have to be in good shape physically and mentally to drive. When a driver is drowsy, such as after a hard day of work or waking up too early in the morning, that driver is a risk to others on the road because he or she might not be able to drive in a safe manner.

Truck driver gets plea deal in 2015 car crash

A truck driver who reportedly was involved in a 2015 crash that killed four occupants of a limousine touring the New York wine country will not face jail time. The New York driver will instead only have his license suspended, and he will have to pay a fine in connection with the car accident. Family members of the victims are reportedly outraged that the driver will not face more serious consequences. The driver took a plea deal in the case.

Car crash impacts can be life altering so seek compensation today

Car accidents can completely change the course of your life. You might be left unable to work or unable to do the things you enjoyed if you are injured. This is especially true if you are facing catastrophic injuries like a spinal cord injury. These injuries can take away your ability to care for and support yourself.

Another life claimed at dangerous Miller Place intersection

A dangerous intersection in Miller Place was once again the scene of tragedy after an accident that claimed a young boy's life. Police reports indicate that the young boy, a 14-year-old who lived in Miller Place, was riding his bicycle across the intersection when he was struck by a vehicle.

Less-than-ideal road conditions contributed to fatal crash

Driving in a manner that is safe for the current road conditions is imperative. While the speed limit for each road in New York provides drivers with some information about what is safe for the roads, that speed limit shouldn't be considered a hard rule about how fast to drive. If the road conditions aren't ideal, such as when it is snowy, wet, or icy, driving the speed limit might not be ideal.

10 pints of beer and a margarita factors in off-duty cop's crash

People in certain professions, including law enforcement officers, should know the dangers of drinking and driving. This makes the situation seem worse when these professionals opt to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking. In one recent case, a cabinet maker was killed when an off-duty cop allegedly decided to drive drunk.

Drivers should avoid distractions this holiday season

The holidays are times when people tend to have a lot of things going through their thoughts and they might decide that they need to multitask to get everything done. It is important that drivers remember to keep their focus on the road because becoming distracted while driving can lead to car crashes.

Highway bus accident leaves 13 dead, dozens injured

On the opposite end of the nation from Central Islip, a nightmare unfolded for passengers sleeping on a tour bus headed back to Los Angeles from a trip to a casino. As the bus rolled along an interstate highway in predawn hours toward home, it slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler.

Why did a New York driver fail to slow or stop?

We do not yet know why a New York driver about 50 miles west of Islip failed to slow or stop their BMW. We do know that the driver's failure led to the horrific car accident and death of a Staten Island woman on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.The woman was hurled from the elevated highway to the street below when she was struck by the BMW. She had gotten out of her car because the vehicle had a flat tire.