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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

A stiff neck after a car crash could be whiplash

It might happen something like this: You're minding your own business while patiently stopped at a red light. Out of nowhere, a distracted motorist slams into the back of you. You don't seem to be injured, so you immediately step out of your vehicle to discover that the entire rear end is destroyed. Other than that, you feel fine. When the police arrive, you don't report any injuries.

Prevent most car accidents and injuries by following these tips

At our law firm, we have seen so many kinds of car accidents that we've become experts on the causes and conditions that result in accidents and injuries on the road. For this reason, we'd like to offer a bit of advice that -- if all New York drivers followed it -- we could eradicate nearly all automobile-related accidents.

Your actions after a car crash can impact your compensation claim

Being involved in a car accident can shake you up to the point that you have trouble remembering what to do afterward. One thing that might help you in this position is to have something written up in your vehicle that you can refer to after this type of incident. Brushing up on the steps you should take after a crash is another option that you might find helpful.

Beware of shopping center traffic during the holiday season

The holiday season is likely to bring an uptick in traffic around shopping centers. As you drive around the city for the next couple of months, you should be cognizant of this. Unfortunately, not all drivers are going to do the same. Some people who are going out shopping are so focused on their outing that they don't pay attention to the road. This is dangerous and can lead to serious accidents.

How can I prove that another driver was distracted?

Distracted driving is gaining an increasing amount of attention as phones and social media become more central to our lives. The use of phones are not the only types of distractions that can prove to be dangerous in a vehicle, however. Studies have shown that children in the car can be very distracting and potentially more dangerous than the use of a hands-free phone.

Factors that may affect your ability to make a car accident claim

When your car has sustained damages or if you have suffered injuries after a car accident in the state of New York, one of the first things to do after returning home safely is to look into your insurance claim possibilities. Doing this can feel confusing and overwhelming at times, and you may wonder if you can make a claim at all.

Your safety depends partially on other drivers

Drivers should all know how to operate their vehicle safely in various weather conditions. This knowledge is important for all drivers, but it isn't going to take away all the risks of driving during this season. If you are out on the roads, your safety depends at least in part on other drivers. We understand this is a hard fact to accept, but it is a reality.

Teen rushed to hospital after SUV-pedestrian crash

It's always hard to find out that a child has been injured but imagine knowing that your teen was crossing the street near their school when they were hit. You'd likely be furious that drivers weren't paying more attention, since schools are returning to session and starting new years.