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Providing Representation For Injured Workers

Everyone knows New Yorkers are a tough group of people, but they are not invincible. Those who work dangerous jobs are especially at risk for a workplace injury that can cause permanent damage. If you have been injured on the job, you deserve full compensation for your injury. Workers’ compensation benefits may apply, but what if your injury was actually caused by someone else’s negligence? You may have a third-party personal injury lawsuit against them.

Our attorneys at Tinari, O'Connell & Osborn, LLP, in Central Islip have been helping injured workers recover all of the compensation due to them for over 30 years. This includes filing third-party lawsuits to hold responsible parties accountable for their negligence. We thoroughly investigate every case we handle, and we prepare each case for the possibility of going to trial.

How Work-Related Accidents Occur

Work-related accidents can be extremely devastating and sometimes even fatal. Such injuries can include:

  • Broken bones and amputations to limbs
  • Neck, back and spinal injuries
  • Concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Severe burns and electrical shocks
  • Exposure to chemicals and other toxins

Some jobs are notorious for their dangerous conditions, such as roofing, logging and truck driving. Similar fields, such as construction, electrical work and machinists, come as no surprise, either. You may be surprised, however, to find out that the highest level of non-fatal incidents comes from workers in nursing and residential care facilities. Do not make assumptions about your claim based on where you work. Talk to our experienced attorneys to find out where your case stands.

Going Beyond Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While many injuries occur due to employers failing to take the proper safety precautions to protect their workers, some accidents occur due to the fault of someone besides the employer. Such injuries could occur due to the negligence of a contractor at your place of employment. Injuries could also occur because a product or piece of equipment you were using was defective. Many work-related injuries even happen to construction workers on roadways due to the negligence of other drivers.

While New York’s workers’ compensation laws are meant to compensate workers injured on the job, such compensation is often inadequate given all of the injured workers’ needs. Under such circumstances, it is crucial to have a lawyer on your side who understands every available avenue for compensation. This includes holding third parties liable for your injuries.

Find Help For Your Work Injury

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